Silent Running

weekly radio show with electronic music


Data has been sorted in ascending order for musicians, tracks, show number.
I use to play as final title of each show a so called "long track", i.e. a track of about 25...35 minutes.

You should take notice that eventually the wanted name can not be seen on his estimated place. Example:
"Lambert" can be found at letter "L", but also at "R", because of the notation "Lambert Ringlage".
Mario Schönwälder appears at "S" and also at "B" for "Broekhuis, Schönwälder, Keller", etc.

There was a little accident during conversion and transfer of data between several softwares: the dates are partially in german or in english notation: 22-03-98 or 03/22/98.

The above playlists go from broadcast 1 to 1115, over 21 years, but i have removed the earlier years from this site. So you just have access to the data of the years 2003 till 2014 as well as the complete interview list. This should be enough to evaluate the kind of tracks that are usually played in "Silent Running".
It will take a longer time to get a more recent update of the playlist, because there is lot of work to do to convert all data to separate HTML-Files...

last update: May 12th 2014