MIDI-Software for Atari ST

Own programming...


Soundscape generator based on large editable random functions

Sequencer V 1.32

(March 2001)
Oldfashioned 8-track monophonic step-sequencer like vintage 70ties models

new version 1.50 (March 2006) available!
newer version 1.70 (January 2016) available!


Useful little software that shows the activity on all channels and allows to display the played notes on a selected channel in several modes.

More details about the above programs will be soon available at this place.
All keys and functions are explained in the related software itself using the HELP-key.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you got trouble with downloading the files, also for software improvements and newly found bugs.

I suggest for downloading to hold the "alt"-key when klicking the wanted zip-item. By this way you don't extract the zip-file on your Web-Computer. You should transfer the file to your Atari via a DD-floppy disk formatted as PC/DOS-disk and extract it there with STZIP.
This has been tested with Netscape on Macintosh.

Software-Vorstellung aus Keyboards, Magazin für Recording & Computer.

GIF-scan aus KEYBOARDS 10/2000: Show me



The above software is freeware: it can be used without registering or licesnse payment. The software may be copied as often as wanted and can run on several machines at a time. If you are satisfied with the software and use it for a longer time, so please keep me informed.

If you use the above software for any CD or performance, please set a credit about the name of the software and the author on the cover or similar instrument listing.

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