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Soundscape generator based on large editable random functions

COMPOSER.PRG User's Manual

Soundscape Generator based on variable random algorithms

composer running

The Composer is a software that controls several synthesizers as sound generators, on different MIDI-channels. It generates a whole palette of MIDI-commands, as note-on, note-off, program-change, pitch-bend, control-change (i.e. modulation, aftertouch, panning, …).
All of these commands may be enabled, inhibited and limited in allowed parameter range, individually for all desired MIDI-channels. All commands may also be manually started and stopped at any time by simply hitting the respective key.

The program is controlled by an internal timer that is adjustable in speed. For every command you can set the probability of generating such a command on each timer run. It may be adjusted in a very large range. You can select the number of used voices. Each voice can operate on its own MIDI-channel. Polyphonic mode is possible. You can adjust the range of allowed MIDI-notes, the range of allowed velocity value, the minimum number of notes (or better sounds) that must be active at a time, the maximum length of the generated sounds, and much more.
Program change commands may be enabled or not. The can be generated on each channel as you want.

The range of program change numbers can be adjusted dependent on the internal memory organization of the synthesizer connected to that channel, or just the range of sound numbers you want. You may select sounds across the whole synth memory and mark them as preferred programs. In this case program changes will only be generated from the marked set of preferred programs.
At any time you can initiate a manual program change on the selected MIDI-channel. You may adjust if the concerned synthesizer starts its memory numbers with 0 or 1 as first patch.

The software generates different control change commands on selected channels. You may allow different controllers for any channel.

Generated commands:
-Pitch Bend (ok, it’s not a real control change...)

Some parameters of such a modulation run for example are editable. These values control the amount of some random parameters, such as number of up/down runs, etc.
All controllers can be selected for each used MIDI-channel, and run in an automatic generation mode or manually controlled mode. All runs can be stopped at any time.

There is also an arpeggiator function included. It generates random chromatic runs in different directions, alternating, with a random number of courses. The arpeggio can be started automatically with editable parameters or by key strike. The step duration is not too stable, the effect is maybe better for sequential sound-effects....

The generated notes or sounds are called tones. Each active tone may be cancelled at any time. If there are not enough active tones at a time, the software will automatically generate one new note-on on a free tone, on an already sounding MIDI-channel or maybe on a free one.

You may give an individual name to all used channels (or instruments).

You can load (F5) and save (F6) your settings to any disk you have in your system. Load and save operations will halt the composer until disk operation is finished.
If there is a composer-file called DEF.CMP in the COMPOSER-folder, it wil be loaded on startup. Any file may be saved with the name DEF.CMP.
The program itself and all data files must be in a folder named “COMPOSER”.

You may send manually an all-notes-off or reset-controllers command at any time, if you note some MIDI-trouble or an “endless note”. All tones or MIDI-channels can be cancelled manually with the DELETE-key.
All kinds of events may be started manually at any time for a specific tone or all tones of one channel, depending on the cursor position: INSERT-key. There are no in- or out-synchronizations possible (at this moment...).
During the run of this software you can get a quick help menu with all key functions by just hitting the “HELP-key”.

This software is freeware, or better postcardware, i.e. if you use this software in a regular way, you should send me a postcard to the following address:

10, rue d’Olingen
L-6832 Betzdorf
Luxembourg / Europe

The program may be used on as many systems as desired, and copied as often as needed, but must be copied in a complete way, with all corresponding files, and without changing anything. If the software is to be used on a CD-ROM or other compilation, it would be nice to inform me and send me a copy of the named CD-ROM or magazine.
If you use this software on a performance or on a recording, you MUST credit the software’s name on the booklet of the CD or in the instrument listing.

This user manual is not complete yet; it will be updated soon.
Mnual version: October 15th 1999

I suggest for downloading to hold the "alt"-key when klicking the wanted zip-item. By this way you don't extract the zip-file on your Web-Computer. You should transfer the file to your Atari via a DD-floppy disk formatted as PC/DOS-disk and extract it there with STZIP.
This has been tested with Netscape on Macintosh.

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