Synthie-Session beim Pol zu Hunsdorf

Elektronesch Musek fräi improviséiert

Samschden, 28. November 2009

De Gast an de Pol hun eng Session mat musique planante, mat Synthesizeren a Gitar gemaach.

Session Pol Hunsdorf_2009_8969_800.jpg
Session Pol Hunsdorf_2009_8974_800.jpg
Session Pol Hunsdorf_2009_8975_800.jpg

All Music was live recorded and was fully improvised, played by Gaston Klares and Pol Leruth.
No overdubs; only some peaks have been limited individually and the whole track was normalized afterwards.
The session started about 17h00 and ended around 1h00. The tracks are numbered in the order they were recorded. There are 12 tracks left, together about 4,5 hours of music.

Feel free to download all the recorded music of this event and enjoy it!

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