Synthie-Session zu Freckeisen an der Brennerei

Elektronesch Musek fräi improviséiert

Samschden, 8. August 2009

De Gast an divers Synthesisten hun eng Session mat musique planante, mat Synthesizeren a Bassgitar, am Schapp vum Bongert vun der Brennerei zu Freckeisen gespillt

Ett gëtt Musek am Genre "Berliner Schule", fräi improviséiert, an onmoosseg laang Stécker. Mir hun eng anstänneg Beschallung, ouni natiirlech Kaméidi ze maachen.

Ausser Musek gëtt näischt gebueden!
Gedrénks kann een mattbréngen, Entrée libre, just cool floating music.

All tracks free for download at

Session_Berdorf_2009 Session_Berdorf_2009
Session_Berdorf_2009 Session_Berdorf_2009
Session_Berdorf_2009 Session_Berdorf_2009
All Music was live recorded and was fully improvised, played by different constellations of the 9 involved musicians.
No edits or overdubs; only some peaks have been limited individually and the whole track was normalized afterwards.
The session started about 17h00 and ended around 23h30. The tracks are numbered in the order they were recorded.

Session Freckeisen 2009-1 11,2 MB 11:23 ambient, floating, cosmic, with noises from instruments setup and cabling
Session Freckeisen 2009-2 61,4 MB 51:01 ambient, then very groovy and jazzy
Session Freckeisen 2009-3 33 MB 27:29 strong modern beat, then reggae-like bassline with solosynths
Session Freckeisen 2009-4 8.9 MB 8:12 cosmic with pianoline
Session Freckeisen 2009-5 40,7 MB 30:18 beat going on, with powerful funky components
Session Freckeisen 2009-6 23,5 MB 20:46 danceable modern beat, then kind of lounge music, jazzy E-piano, then gentle synth
Session Freckeisen 2009-7 42,4 MB 36:06 ambient, then reggae groove, then cosmic
Session Freckeisen 2009-8 16,6 MB 13:52 fast modern beat with a cocktail of strange effects
Session Freckeisen 2009-9 52,2 MB 46:40 cosmic, strange, no beat nor bass at all, sound effects from outer space
Session Freckeisen 2009-10 26 MB 22:33 strange effects and soundscapes, then vocoder and voices, slow easy beat later on
Session Freckeisen 2009-11 8,3 MB 7:27 Billy Jean, effects and Star Wars
Session Freckeisen 2009-12 30,6 MB 28:44 sounds from outer space, damaged guitar, soundscapes
Session Freckeisen 2009-13 20,8 MB 17:54 slow dark beat and groove, effects vocals, heavy guitar solo

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