Synthie-Session zu Berdorf

Elektronesch Musek fräi improviséiert

Samschden, 25. Juli 2009 zu Berdorf an der Breechkaul


Pol Leruth, Pollëtzebuerg
Romain Junck
Steve Remesch, Liquidbass
Sébastien Laas, Cyclorama
Gast Klares
Claude Michels, Sermeq
Serge Lamesch, Midicrash
Roland Fastrés, RF061992
Georges Majerus
Marc Unsen, Sermeq

All Music was live recorded and was fully improvised, played by different constellations of the involved musicians.
No edits or overdubs; only some peaks have been limited individually and the whole track was normalized afterwards.
The session started about 18h00 and ended around 1h00. The tracks are numbered in the order they were recorded.

All files free for download at

Session Berdorf 2009-1 14.50 17,6 MB kind of Jazz-Rock, distorted guitar riffs, sound effects
Session Berdorf 2009-2 47:49 54,2 MB slower rhythms on start and end section, middle part cosmic and vocal samples
Session Berdorf 2009-3 29:30 33 MB heavier rhythm that slows down when reching the last part, nervous beginning, cool E-piano at the end
Session Berdorf 2009-4 4:13 5,1 MB experimental beat with strange sound effects, later on Sitar samples
Session Berdorf 2009-5 31:52 33,1 MB ambient, no rhythm nor beat, saxophone loops
Session Berdorf 2009-6 5:26 5,5 MB spacy, strange
Session Berdorf 2009-7 6:14 6,9 MB cosmic, atonal, contemporary
Session Berdorf 2009-8 66:13 71,8 MB cosmic start, then modern beat with sound effects, middle part cool groove with heavy guitar, last thirdth cool jazzy beat
Session Berdorf 2009-9 3:39 4 MB cosmic, fragments, sounds
Session Berdorf 2009-10 4:15 5,1 MB sequences, bass, solo synth
Session Berdorf 2009-11 60:44 68,4 MB ambient and spacy first part, then slow beat with sax solo, going to cool groove with sound effects, guitar and sax
Session Berdorf 2009-12 3:23 4 MB ambient, loud, alien
Session Berdorf 2009-13 6:24 6,9 MB soundscapes, rhythm fragments, experimental
Session Berdorf 2009-14 13:38 16,3 MB fast beat, bass, dominant guitar
Session Berdorf 2009-15 5:06 5,9 MB kind of Jazz-Rock, heavy lead guitar, noticeable limiter operation
Session Berdorf 2009-16 5:11 6,2 MB modern fast rhythm and percussion, wah guitar, distortion
Session Berdorf 2009-17 6:16 7,3 MB cool groove, E-piano, sound effects

photos to be added later....

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